10 Telltale Signs That Your Ex Wants You Back

Published: 09th March 2009
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Did you ever think about getting back together with your ex? Have you ever wondered if your ex was still interested in you? It doesn't matter who initiated the breaking up; feelings can be reawakened. However, many people are afraid to learn the truth behind how their ex really feels. If your ex doesn't want you back and you want them, it can be difficult to deal with the feelings of letdown. So how can you determine if your ex wants you back? Are there signs that will clue you in on their real feelings? Actually, there are many signs that will let you know if your ex still has interest in you or doesn't any longer.

The 10 Signs to Look Out For -

The first telltale sign is if he/she contacts you first. In fact, they will call, e-mail or text you as often as they can. The reason they call you can vary but it's mostly to find out what is going on at your end.

The second way to tell is if the phone conversation seems to linger on his/her end. Does it seem like you are the one that has to end the conversations? He/she may be reluctant to let you go because they like to know you are talking to them and aren't off with someone else.

A third sign that your ex wants you back is if he/she is calling you pet names again. Pet names include nicknames that were once said in the relationship or calling you honey or dear.

A fourth sign that can tell you if your ex wants you back is if they repeatedly state their case. For instance, do they tell you what kinds of self-help programs they have joined?

A fifth sign that should grab your attention if you want to know if your ex wants you back is if they come to you for big life-changing decisions. Does it seem like they ask your opinion on everything? This should give you an inkling that your opinion matters to them again.

A sixth sign that lets you know if your ex wants you back is if they try to physically touch you on your hand, arm, etc. This is a way for them to gauge how you feel about them.

A seventh sign to figuring out if your ex wants you back is his asking how you been, what you have been up to...basically trying to find out if you have anyone special in your life.

The eighth sign to look for is if he/she begins to share in your interest. Does it seem like he/she brings up your interest a lot? If so, then your ex still cares a lot about you.

The ninth sign that will tell if your ex wants you back is if your ex seems to try and catch you alone. Does it seem like he/she purposely leads you away from a crowd to catch you alone so you both can talk?

The tenth sign to determine if your ex wants you back is if he/she outright tells you they are still in love with you.

Keep a lookout for any of these signs and if they seem to be going on and you don't want anything more with them again, be sure you make them aware of it before anything further happens. However, if you still love your ex back and have signs that your ex wants you back, then take your time and see where they all lead.

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