2 Mistakes to Avoid When Getting Your Ex Back

Published: 01st June 2009
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When you are dumped, it can be difficult to deal with. Your world seems to crumble around you and nothing makes sense. It's easy to make mistakes when you aren't thinking clearly. If you are heartbroken, it's easy to fall victim to two mistakes that ruin getting your ex back or any chance of a reunion with your ex. These two errors are text message terrorism and drunken dialing.

Text Message Terrorism Mistake - What is text message terrorism? It's when you panic about your loss and begin stalking your ex with phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. You may even try to find out where your ex is going to be so you can see them in a "chance encounter". The worst thing you can do is to give more attention to your ex after the breakup. Instead, give them some space.

The last thing you desire to do is look like a psycho ex. If you want to get your ex back, you have to stay strong and not appear as if you are broken up about the breakup. When you act needy, all you are doing is pushing them further away. Your only choice is to give your ex the space he or she needs and remain cool. That means don't go overboard with emotions and act as if you normally would.

Drunken Dialing Mistake - Most people commit this deed just once. Why? People who feel pain tend to turn to alcohol to help them through this rough time in their life. It's actually a major faux pax. What is drunk dialing? It's when you drink way beyond your normal capacity and decide to call your ex up in the middle of the night. You begin a spill about how they are everything in your life and how you miss them and how you wish they'd come back, so on and so forth. Sometimes they pick up the phone, other times you are throwing yourself at them by way of their answering machine or voicemail. This is a major faux pax. It makes you look desperate and sound needy. You definitely should avoid alcohol if you aren't able to handle it or the situation. Alcohol and drugs do not do anything for you and your attempts to get your ex back.

By doing one or both of these mistakes, you can really ruin your chances of getting your ex back, especially if things seem to be going on track. However, if you have already committed one of them, it's not impossible to recover from these issues.

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