4 Signs How to Determine If a Guy Likes You

Published: 02nd December 2011
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What signs do you look for to tell if a guy likes you and is into you? Sometimes it is a difficult thing to distinguish since a man's mind (like a woman's mind) is hard to decipher. Some men have a habit of dropping hints and clues to the woman they are interested in; others hold the secret close about their feelings. Still, he may unknowingly drop those hints by the things he does and the things he says. So what clues do you look for to tell if a guy likes you?

Typically a woman's gut feelings about men are strong especially so when it comes to matters of the heart. Most of the time when you get these strong intuitions, they are right. There are 4 good signs you look for to tell if a guy likes to get to know you better.

Sign #1 - Always There for You

You turn around and when you least expect him there, he is there. Believe it or not, this is something has had been planning for some time. He wants you to think that it is all by chance; but it really isn't. What he really is looking for is a sign from you to see if you like him too. Believe it or not, if you are already friends, it makes it harder for you to tell and for him to show. However, one sign that he cares for you more than friends is he's there whenever you need a hand, more so than usual.

Sign #2 - Is He Nervous

Many men have an uncomfortable feeling when they are around you only because they do not know how you feel about them. Some women can pick up on this vibe; others not so much. Since your company causes him to have this unease, he may limit the time spent with you as not to give that vibe. This is especially true for two reasons. They do not know how you feel (and are waiting on you to start something) or you are already involved with someone.

Sign #3 - Steal Stares At You

Does he have a tendency to stare although when you catch him he quickly looks away? Human nature finds that when men and women like each other they tend to peek glances at those they like and turning away if the person nearly catches them staring. Is this a sure fire signs to know if the guy likes you? The answer is more than likely.

Sign #4 - Talks with Your Friends

If a man is genuinely interested in you, he may talk with your friends and try to obtain your phone number. If this man is interested in you and you don't have a big clue who he is, it more than likely, he got the number from your friend. Should it be a male friend that is interested in you, then he may already have your number. It is likely your male friend will talk with your other friends to find out if you have any feelings about him outside of friendship.

For a man, one thing you may not know is what a woman is thinking. Women are very difficult to understand. They tend to always say the exact opposite of they are trying to mean. So what clues do you look for to tell if a guy is into you? By using the signs listed above, you can determine for yourself if a guy likes you or not.


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