5 Signs that Your Boyfriend Loves You

Published: 13th May 2009
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Men can be sometimes unpredictable. You can never really understand what exactly your man's feelings are or what's on their mind. If he isn't expressing his love for you after you feel the tinges of making love is over, it is time to see what's going wrong with the relationship. When you can identify what is wrong then you can easily find out where his mind is and can definitely discover what's in his heart.

(1) Showing Interest

If your man truly loves you he will be greatly interested in all your aspects. He always asks details on day to day activities and will be a good listener. He will be interested in what is happening in your life and will show great interest in details. He will show interest in everything that he thinks he should know.

(2) Frequent Calls

One great sign to show that he truly loves is the way he calls you all through the day and very frequently. Men never pick up phone, and many women complain that their men never return their call. A man truly in love will definitely make the call. Even if you forget he will defiantly keep you calling and pushing his way in your life in all ways. If in case you are reminding him to call all the time then you can very well be sure that it is OVER.

(3) Introduce His Family

The role of a family is always sticky and cumbersome in relationship. If your man insists on your meeting with his family, it is a positive sign that he is interested in you. Unless the man finds that she fits in the family he will never invite her home. Another promising sign he loves you is, if he plans a meeting between you and his family and vice versa when he wants to meet yours.

(4) Make Time For You

When a man takes time off in his busy schedule for the woman he is interested. If your man is serious then he will definitely find time to spend with you even if he has much work to do. One fine excuse man gives for not meeting a woman is that he has work to do. It is a simple logic that when a man loves a woman dearly he will meet whatever happens.

(5) Discuss Future Together

Be a good listener and especially when he talks of the future. Note if he includes you in his future small talk. If he uses 'WE', and 'US', then be very assured that you are in his life. Every woman loves to hear her beloved man talk about the fine moment they will probably share in the present and the future. When your man does all this be assured that you have the man with you.

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