7 Body Signals Guys Show When They Show Interest in A Woman

Published: 23rd January 2009
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What are the signals that show a guy is interested in you? Watch his body and look at the signals they are sending. Body signals are one of the easiest ways to know if a person has a crush on you or not. If you listen for the way he talks, you can easily find out how they feel about you just from their tone of voice and the little things they say or hint at. Remember that a person's eyes can give away their heart and feelings. However, if you need some hints on finding out how to tell if a guy is interested in a woman, here are 7 ways to find out.

First, when a guy shows interest in you, he'll raise his eyebrows as you walk toward him. He may act like he suddenly sees you and give you a surprised expression.

Second, when a guy likes a woman, he may move away from the crowd so he can get your attention. If he is with his friends, he may move away from them slightly and change his stance.

Third, should you be absolutely stunning, some guy's lips will go apart for a few seconds and he keep his eyes focused on you.

Fourth, a guy who is showing interest in you will do things to make an impact on you. He may do little things such as rub his chin or cheek. He may even smooth out his hair, the common display of a guy's body language.

Fifth, a guy who is attracted to you will readjust his shirts etc. This is one of the most impressive signals to look out for. It means he is worried about his appearance when you are near.

Sixth, when a guy shows interest in you, he'll start a conversation with you while asking for your name and contact too.

Seventh, when a guy is interested in a woman, he may overtly clap or laugh out loud for the woman to notice him.

How to Tell When a Guy Is Flirting and Showing Interest in a Woman
It's not hard to tell when a guy is trying to get your attention by flirting. He may do little things to surprise you such as bring you flowers. He may seek you out, desperate to get your attention and will do anything in his power to make you smile. If he speaks wonderful things about you, it's likely that he is showing interest in you.

Signs to Watch Out for In Guys
If the guy happens to be in another relationship, you'll need to be careful. He may tell you that he will leave his girlfriend for you but do you honestly want to be the cause of their breakup and worry that he'll do the same thing to you?

Ask before wondering if that lunch date is actually a date. You don't want to give mixed signals that can be embarrassing or heartbreaking later on.

Don't be used by a guy for one purpose or another. He may tell you he likes you and is interested to know you more but is just playing it up for his friends.

Watch what kind of talk a man does with you. Is it friendship or lover talk? While some men are out to hurt you intentionally, others are not. Learn this quick.

Watch out for guys who bring you flowers right away but have never formally met you. He may be interested to know you and one way of flirting but it's a sign to look out for. Watch out for their body language. It will tell you a lot about a man.

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