Capricorn Man - The True Lover

Published: 09th September 2010
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Are you with a Capricorn Man? So you have developed liking towards a Capricorn man and want to know if he is suitable for you or not. The answer is yes, if you are looking for a man who can stand beside you for a lifetime. Capricorn is typically a choosy man when it comes about close and long term relationship. It would be difficult for you to get closer to him. They are determined and passionate about whatever is related to them. He is shy and less expressive but actually he likes getting appreciated just like others. However, he would not know how to handle compliments. He may not react but you can see signs like a glow in his eyes or his ears getting pink when you compliment him. He may pass the compliment you given to him as joke or ignore it.

Now comes the best part of Capricorn. A Capricorn man is truly romantic. However, don't expect him to be romantic at the initial stage. He is the one who would take you for a long drive when other men would not move from the sofa. Don't expect him to recite a poem for you or praise you now and then but trust him that he would be there whenever you need him or want him. He would not like public display of affection but he would be honest with you. With a capricorn man you don't have to worry about loyalty. He would not cheat you without strong reasons. He is a family man and would love you and kids. He is also very much attached to his parents and siblings. Make sure you take care of his family and you will be treated like a queen.

The capricorn man may look boring when you first meet him but when you are part of his close circle you would know that he is a true man and will sacrifice anything for his loved ones.

However, there are few points where you need to be careful. He is not expressive about his emotions and you have to teach him to express otherwise there are chances that you guys can develop misunderstandings. He is very much into his family. If this is really troubling you then you have to make him understand the issues. Capricorn man will not cheat you but once he feels that it's not going to work then he will leave you and never even look back. To conclude, Capricorn man is a true lover and loyal. Give time to your relationship and he will turn out to be the dessert of your meal.

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