Four Things You Can Do When He Doesn’t Call

Published: 24th February 2010
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Every relationship in this world requires a lot of understanding. At the initial stages of a relationship, both the girl and boy are on the phone; it would seem day and night. However, as time passes, the boy starts calling less and less. This gives the girl a feeling that she is not wanted and her boyfriend doesn't care for her anymore. When you are in madly in love with someone, it really becomes very frustrating when your boyfriend doesn't call or return calls. A negative response from your partner can lead to feelings of rejection and disappointment. If he doesn't call, doing these few things will get him to call you.

Be Calm - A woman has the habit of panicking when her boyfriend doesn't call. She may make assumptions that he is no longer interested in her and has got himself a new girlfriend. There is no need for sulking. There can be dozens of reasons he doesn't call; some of which the most common is his being busy with his work. So stay calm and stop thinking negatively.

Don't Bombard Him with Phone Calls and Voice Messages - It's a very common observation that men don't call their girlfriends just to see their reaction. Many women in such a situation will lose their cool and start calling their boyfriends desperately, leaving voice messages for him to call back as soon as possible. This makes a man feel that his girlfriend is frantic and needy for his love and affection. She would never let him enjoy his own space. This will give a negative impression of you and he would try to come out of such a relationship.

Don't Open Completely - If your boyfriend comes to know that you'll never leave him, come what may, then he will try to take advantage and feel it's fine to not call back. He may even try to ignore you and your calls. It is advised not to show your feelings completely; if a man realizes that you are there, no matter how much time passes, he might not call you.

Enjoy The Time - The best thing to do when your boyfriend doesn't call is to stop worrying and waiting. Rather, enjoy the time. Go out with friends and don't call him. This will make him wonder as to what happened. He will start becoming inquisitive. When he calls, don't answers him right away... rather make him wait. Make him leave messages and when you finally talk, just tell him that you have been busy.

If your boyfriend doesn't call, these things will make him realize that you haven't been in touch and he will definitely call back.

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