Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back - Does She Still Feel the Same?

Published: 26th May 2010
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Most commonly the only thing stopping a guy from pursuing his ex girlfriend is because he doesn't know if she wants him back. Are you in that same position? Honestly, finding out has become so simple it will shock you. With a few easy concepts and this knowledge under your belt, you'll know how your ex feels about you and your chances of getting her back.

Basically this entire concept is detailed around a theory of a "scale of emotions" that all people have. Like all scales there are two sides. Each has a different emotion. On one end are the passionate emotions like love and hate and on the other end is the feeling of indifference. Every person you have ever come across (and many you may have never even seen before) is on your scale of emotions. The more you get to know a person and the closer they get to the extreme emotions, the more reaction they're going to get from you.

So, based on this theory, the way to find out where you stand on your ex's scale of emotions is to figure out the sort of reaction she has towards you. The reaction you need to focus on in this particular case is how well and often she communicates with you and what this communication consists of.

If your ex hardly responds to your calls, she's not having much of a reaction to you. Unfortunately this likely means you're on the indifferent side of the scale. This doesn't mean you don't have a chance of getting back with your ex, it just might be a little tougher. Just keep working on making yourself more appealing to your ex to get a bigger and better reaction out of her.

The better side of the scale for you is when she has a positive reaction towards you in regards to communication. Return contact means she still has you on her mind and she's willing to keep you in her life. This is the best place to make your move from.

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