Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back? Stop These 5 Silly Mistakes

Published: 19th January 2012
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When you have been dumped, your life can feel completely out of control but this out of control feeling does not have to ruin your chances of getting your ex boyfriend back. As long you deal with the hurt, you can keep from damaging the possibility of getting them back. However, you need to steer clear of several common mistakes that can destroy your chance of convincing your ex boyfriend to give you a second chance.

Do not go with your first instincts right after you have been dumped. Why? It's like a rug being yanked out from underneath you, you begin to panic. You'll do whatever comes to your mind to save your relationship. However, anything like this, can actually hurt you rather than help you get your ex boyfriend back. There are five common mistakes you should avoid doing right after the break up.

(1) Stop Stressing Yourself

It's not hard to stress over the things you can't help. However, all you are doing is adding those wrinkle worry lines to your face and driving people close to you nuts. If you really want to get your ex boyfriend back, you'll have to push aside how you really feel and start dealing with it. Be sure to get motivated about getting him back. You should already know that time isn't going to fix the issue; you are going to have to deal with it yourself.

(2) Fall Back Into the Routine

If you and your man want to make another go of the relationship, don't act like everything is good. If you pick up from where you left off, you still have the problems that plagued you both the first time around. Saying sorry isn't going to fix all your issues. If getting your ex boyfriend back is what you really want then you better put a ton of effort into making the relationship work.

(3) Don't Purse If Your Ex Moves On

It's not hard to see that as time passes the further and further away your chances become to get your ex boyfriend back. If it looks like he has moved on without you, walk away. Don't purse them because it makes you look like a psycho and you could be charged with stalking. If your ex recently got married or will be getting married, it's a sign that you need to stop trying to bring you two back together. Yes, it may hurt. However, not everyone is meant to be. You have to accept that life does continue without them in your life.

(4) Don't be Aggressive

Sometimes a little aggressiveness is a good trait. However, after you have broken up, being aggressive just add stress to you and your ex's plate. If you want to get him back, do it smoothly and gently. Don't speak about feelings or show attention all the time. Why? This only acerbates the feeling of uneasy and aggressiveness.

(5) Make Your Own Changes

Understand that a breakup is a two way street. Look to yourself to find out what you did wrong in the relationship. If you do make changes, keep yourself in check. If you are getting back together or have gotten back together, the last thing you want to do is revert back to your old self. Doing this is kind of like lying and the chances of a breakup occurring again are possible.

These may seem like pretty easy and avoidable mistakes; however, there are many people who make them. It's very important to resolve any issues in the relationship you have before you try getting your ex boyfriend back. If you can avoid these 5 mistakes, then you do have a fighting shot.


Your willingness to change and things you say or do can convince your ex to have feelings for you again. Don't do stupid thing can actually cause him to pull away further from you. Get your boyfriend back and give both of you a second chance, visit

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