How Can You Tell Whether a Man Likes You Or Not? 5 Telltale Signs

Published: 19th March 2011
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A woman on look out for love is very likely to think about how she can determine whether a man likes her or not. But this is actually very simple. You just need to know what are the signs emitted by a man if he is interested in you. Here are the five telltale signs you need to notice to decide whether a man likes you or not.

1) Courteousness – Men know that the first step to woo a woman is to be polite to her. They act like gentlemen, full of manners. They may pull out the chair for you, remember your name or open the door for you. This might indicate that the guy has some interest in you but it's not an absolute indicator. Maybe he is generally polite and amicable with everyone. So, let us go to the other indicators.

2) Curiosity – Sometimes men act very concerned about women. They may be curious about you and would want to show you that you are someone who grabs his attention. This may be a sign that he is concerned about you and likes you. But again it is not a sure indicator. It may also be that he usually is curious in a harmless manner.

3) Liking – men like to play it safe sometimes. They don’t want to lose their friendship so they may be scared to ask you out. They would propose only when they are very sure that they won't get rejected. He may also consider himself to be unworthy of you if he knows that other men, who are a lot better than him, also are in pursuit of getting you. But a man may like you as a friend too. And you should not conclude that if he likes you, then it must be at some romantic level. The case maybe of just a friendly liking too.

4) First date – If a man braves the fear of rejection and comes and asks you out for a date, he is giving strong indication that he likes you very much. He will be very pleasant with you and will take a lot of care to make it really special for you. In such a situation, you must be careful to make him feel that you are obliged and delighted in his company. Your humbleness is sure to touch the deep chords in his heart.

5) Socializing – If you really are serious about a person and want to know what is playing in his mind, you must notice the way he treats you socially. If he introduces you to his family and friends, discusses with you his ideas and feelings, respects you as a person and does not invade your privacy, it means that he is deeply interested in you.

These five signs will help you determine if he likes you and you will know if he wants you in his life at a deeper and special level.

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