How to Get Him Interested - 4 Smart Moves

Published: 14th February 2012
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True love is a feeling that all of us want to experience only once and want it to be one that lasts for all our life. Even though most of us would not believe in love at first sight it is a fact that on many occasions one look can create a strong attraction and wanting between a man and a woman. This attraction can either be on both sides or only from one side. If you are one of the lucky ones that had the feeling born in you the moment you meet the guy but think he does not have the same feelings then the obvious question in your mind would be 'how to get him interested in you?'

(1) Get Him Interested

You need to understand that what you want to achieve is in no way lesser than any war. And just as in war to achieve what you want strong planning and perfect execution is the key. The aim here is to get him interested that there would be no other option for him but to get curious to know more about you. By nature men love to chase women which mean you should not be the one pursuing him or at least it should not look like you are the one pursuing him.

(2) Let Him Pursue You

The first strategy in how to get him interested in you is to be very subtle. This doesn't mean you don't show any feeling for him. You should be very careful not to show interest more than necessary but at the same time you have to make him believe he is the one that is pursuing you. The best way to do this would be to put yourself in his sight and when you feel even the slightest of response from him pull back a little. It should look like even without him there is no void in your life. Try to be occupied and not available to him every time he wants you.

(3) Be Independent

Declaring your love for him easily might put him off and on the defense a bit and he may not even value your love. Make him think he has to work hard to get your love so that he values it the most. The next strategy in how to him interested in you would be to show him that you are independent. Men just love women who are emotionally, mentally and financially independent. Small thing like not making him pay every time you are in a restaurant could work wonders. When it comes to how to get a man interested in you not making a fuss about your independence and yet being independent would just be the magic trick that works for you.

(4) Men Need Space

You should be careful not to get too emotionally attached and forget about other aspects of your life. Men usually lose interest in the woman who seems to be completely focusing on him and has nothing else in her life that's interesting. Men are scared of women who are totally dependent on their men emotionally until the men themselves want to be emotionally dependent on you. Be aware of the reality and do not get carried away.

These 4 simple things can get you a long way in dealing with getting a guy interested in you.


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