How to Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back by Giving Him the Space He Need

Published: 16th September 2010
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Time can be your enemy if you are planning how to get your ex boyfriend back. If you give your ex space, do not let too much time pass so that you miss your chance to let him know how much you really love him. No doubt you are dying to call and even see and get your ex boyfriend. This can be a problem if you cannot stop yourself. Try to ignore those feelings at all cost.

If you have never had it before, try to show some restraint. Why should you do this? If you bombard your ex boyfriend on a continuous basis, the chances of you two reconciling will be next to nil.

You have to understand what a break up really means. If you have an ex that tells you he or needs some space, you have to give it to them. Doing so shows them a little respect. Needing space sometimes means it is an excuse to get away from the other person. Sometimes the space is needed for the ex to assess where they are in their life and how you possibly fit in their life.

No matter why they ask for the space, the best thing (really the only thing) you can do is give it to them. They may find themselves wondering why they left you at some point. If you give your ex boyfriend space, they may come back because without you in their life, it may seem pointless.

If you keep barraging them, then it is like you and your ex have not really split. This means they cannot figure out if they really want you in their life. What does this do for you? It means you could lose them forever even as a friend. This is far from what you are wanting.

There are two very different feelings and emotions that can take place here. First, he may start to take you for granted. This is especially true if they know they can have you at anytime without making a commitment to you. Second, they could become very upset by the fact you have not done what they have asked... a simple request of a little space. They may jump into a relationship just so you would leave them be.

Big secret to how to get your ex boyfriend back and miss you

If you want your ex boyfriend to miss you, you need to stay away. Do not start the calling, do not write, and do not do anything that would make contact. Give your ex space and make them miss you.

What you can do that can help your cause is act like nothing is so wrong. Put on a happy face and make it look like you have moved on. When it shows that you are happy and at your best, your ex boyfriend is bound to think about those good times together when he or she hears about it.

If there was anything worth while in your relationship, hearing about your happiness is going to make them think about you. Eventually they will want some data about who you are with, what you are doing and where you are living now. This was the direction you wanted.

If you give your ex space and they see you have not been sitting by the phone, wondering about them, it makes them wonder if they will lose you altogether. Keep up this facade because in time it may work out.

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