How to Know by the 3 Obvious Signs That Will Tell You If a Man Likes You

Published: 15th July 2010
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3 Obvious Signs That Tells A Man Likes You

There are many ways through which you can make out if a man likes you or not and here are 3 obvious signs that will tell you if a man likes you. Feelings are mysterious and they are not physical but emotional. To understand one's feelings and emotions, you have to feel it rather than just dreaming and wondering. Some men do not admit if they like their women or not. If your man is waiting for you to make the first move, then you have to know that he is one of a kind who waits for the girl to approach him first.

If you want to know if your man is interested in your or not, you have to understand through various ways. If the guy is your friends' friend and if he has just met you, then it might be very easy for you to judge his intentions and you can tell by the 3 obvious signs that will tell you if a man likes you:

1) Eye-Contact: Watch him! Observe him! If he is interested in you, then for sure he will steal glances. When you are not looking at him, he will look at you and will observe you. However, you have to make sure which body part he is looking. If you notice he is staring at your breasts and waist or feet, then know that he is interested in sleeping with you, but if he is observing your ways and eyes, then obviously he wants to make you his life-partner.

2) Conversation: The guy will come to you and start up a conversation, though others might find it stupid but he will not care. He will just talk on anything because his main intention is to be with you, to talk to you. This shows how eager he is to start a conversation with you. In this situation, you have to continue talking, on anything whatever he is talking. This shows that you are also interested in him and he will feel comfortable and will talk more.

3) Stays Cool: He is nervous! You and the guy both know this but he will try his best to keep his cool and will show you how confident he is but you can make it out that he is a bit hesitant in talking. In this, you have to make sure that you do not make him feel nervous but you talk to him freely.

These are the 3 obvious signs that will tell you if a man likes you and you can start a relationship with this hunk!

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