How To Read A Manís Body Language If He\'s Into You

Published: 17th August 2010
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There are subtle movements or things about a man that speak more than their words. His body language, while he is with a woman, conveys a lot more than he says. A woman shouldnít ask her man whether he is happy in her company or not. She has to read his actions and determine what his heart feels for her. If he is interested in you, his actions will say it all and your job is to observe him closely and not miss the signs he reveals.

Body language

You should observe him minutely and pay attention to each and every movement of his. One of the first signs that you can catch is whether the guy raises his eyebrows when he glances at you. It is a faint hint that he passes to you, just a slight raise and fall, which shows that he is love struck with the first glimpse at you. You must be sure not to miss it and if you take note of it, then be sure to interpret it.

Hair test

A very common sign, which women also indulge in, is touching or smoothening the hair. A signal to prove that some spark is there in his heart for the woman they enjoy being with. Either men tousle their hair or run fingers through them, depending on the hair do. It does not mean that they are being self-conscious but is a hint that he is passing you in a delicate manner so that you notice him.

Body movements

Men tend to bend forward while talking to their special someone. It is an important sign and indicates interest for the person he is speaking to. But if he bends backwards while facing you and leans on a wall, also if he crosses his arms while doing so, it is a bad sign, which shows that you do not captivate his interest.

Leg movements

The leg movements should not be ignored. They give an important hint whether or not a man likes you or not. If your man points his legs towards you while keeping it crossed, that means something is surely there. This is a vital key to unlock the secret mysteries of a manís mind. It is a part of the leg language and you should keep it in mind.

This way you will be able to read a man, if he is interested in you. Everything is not just in the mind but scattered around us everywhere. Each and every sign means something. The trick is to know how to read it and how to find out if you fascinate your guy.

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