How to Tell If a Man Loves You – Does He Show These Obvious Signs

Published: 09th September 2010
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How to tell if a man loves you? Women tend to talk out all their feelings. On the other hand, men don't. This is the reason why you need to look out for signs his actions and behavior to know if he truly loves you or not. Just like the famous quote, "Show Me the Money?" love needs to be expressed. However, being a girl, you would know how guys are- less expressive and how it irritates you and sometimes confuses you.

Some of the basic signs to look for are- Your guy comes on time, he opens door for you, he helps you in the household work, remembers the occasions, knows your favorite dish and color, he is comfortable in meeting with your friends and do not hesitate to introduce you to his family or friends.

These are the basic signs one can look for. However, it's not fool-proof. You can't judge all the guys with above mentioned signs. Some men are not meant to do this. They are just so men in true sense. Thus, you can't say they don't love you if they do not do such things for you.

There are other minor details that you can look for. You know he cares for you if he comes to drop you till the airport and asks you if you have taken all the things and when are you returning so he can come to receive you. You know he cares he if drives long to drop you in the night or leaves his work if there is an emergency in your life.

The question 'how to tell if a man loves you' can also be answered through the gifts. Jewelry is the ultimate gift of relationship. If he gives you jewelry as a gift then it means that he thinks that you are the girl of his life. If he gives you some practical gifts like what you wanted or required then again, it is a good sign. He definitely pays attention to your needs.

External clues like behavior of his family and friends can tell you a lot. If they give special attention then it means he might have told them that you are special for him.

Finally, check out how much attention he pays on you. Does he see in your eyes more often when you both are having dinner or not? Does he prefer switching off his cell or keep talking on phone when you guys are together for dinner?

There is one more thing and that is positive - If he loves you then his body language and talk will surely give you those positive vibes and no more you would have to ask anyone that how to tell if a man loves you or not!

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