How to Tell If He Likes You or Not

Published: 06th February 2012
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The biggest issue for any single woman in pursuit of love is 'how to tell if he likes you'? You would be happy to know the simple things that can give you the right indication about what a man feels about you and if his interests have a romantic inclination.

(1) Courteousness: Some men may make you feel very special by being very courteous. They may remember your name, pull the chair for you or hold the door open for you. But before you know if he likes you in a romantic way you need to check if he is also curious about you. You should still have the question 'how to tell if he likes you' rising in your mind.

(2) Curiosity: This is a little tricky because sometimes men seem to be very curious about you. They would show more interest in every little thing about you, would keep asking things concerning about you and give you their full attention. But this in no way is a sure indicator of his romantic inclination towards you. He may just be curious by personality or may even be already involved with someone and just looking for a harmless change. So he may be curious but how to tell if he likes you? Still there is no sure answer to the question of telling whether a guy likes you.

(3) Liking: If he likes you it doesn't mean he would risk his friendship with you by making a big move on you and get rejected. Men are usually happy playing along until they are sure they won't get a rejection if they propose. It would be a big mistake to think his liking for you is enough to think he is pursuing you. Sometimes even if a man likes you he might not be sure if you have the same feeling for him. He may not consider himself worthy of you or may even feel there are better men pursuing you.

(4) First Date: If the man likes you enough to risk a rejection and ask you out on a date it is a very fair indication of his initial interest in you in a romantic way. If he takes extra care to make it a very pleasant experience for you by his efforts then you can expect to be taken on a date again. The best you can do in this situation is to make sure you show him in a subtle way how much you enjoy his company and be courteous, engage in good conversation and above all express your gratitude. This will leave a very good impression on his mind and more importantly on his heart.

(5) Socializing: Even after liking you strongly enough to ask you out and risk a rejection sometimes men do lose it and give up the pursuit. The best indicators of a man's desire to have a stronger and more meaningful relationship with you are how he treats you socially. If he seems eager to discuss your future, introduce you to his family and friends, sharing his feelings and intentions, respecting your decisions and privacy you can be sure he likes you in a very deeply romantic way.

How to tell if he likes you and wants to be with you on a deeper level, if you think that he has reached up to this stage you can be sure that this man has a special interest in you and wants to pursue you.


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