How to Tell If Your Boyfriend is Cheating?

Published: 02nd July 2010
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5 Signs to Tell If Your Boyfriend is Cheating

The finest moments life start when you are deeply in love with someone. The relationship gives you so much security and the life is going great when suddenly you might feel a change in your boyfriend's attitude. You start wondering if he is cheating? So, how to tell if your boyfriend is cheating?

Women are often quick to find out that their boyfriends have started moving away from them. They feel the guy distancing from them and start worrying about this attitude. How to be sure if your intuition is right? Here are a few signs with which you can nab a cheating boyfriend. Using these ideas you can decide whether your boyfriend is cheating or not.

1. First signs of fidelity

The first signs of cheating can be identified when your boyfriend's mobile is always busy in your absence. He will end the call abruptly when he sees you and might give lame excuses false reasoning. He might walk away from the room and talk secretively or softly when you are around.

2. Keeping low profile about their hangouts

Try calling him to ask how he spent his day and with whom. He will start giving you monotonous replies saying that he is around the same friends and same location. Or if he is smart enough he might dodge the question by reverting back with similar questions on you. He might try to avoid such questions and change the topic altogether. You can ask his regular friends if he is around or might check out by making secret visits when he is least expecting you.

3. Frequent text messaging

When a guy is unable to keep his eye off his cell while on a conversation, that means he is expecting an urgent call or message from someone special other than you. This special person could also be his daily hang out friend so it's better to wait until you find out who it is. If he seems distracted after receiving a message or is always moving out to take calls alone away from you then it is time you took control.

4. Slow deterioration of affection

The time he spends with you might become lesser and lesser and he might find all type of excuses to keep away from you. He might blame work pressure or on duty travels frequently. He might avoid situation where you both are left alone. He might not look you in the eye while conversing. Do you remember when he told you last that he loves you? The answer is sure to give you a positive sign of his slowing affection.

5. Sudden bouts of anger

Suddenly you might find a lot of changes in his attitude. He might be angry or will act like he is angry all the time. He might get irritated very easily and might want to be left alone. He will start finding fault with you all the wrong reasons and sometimes even without any reason.

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