Husband Cheating Caught Red Handed – Can Empathy Save Your Bad Relationship?

Published: 21st March 2011
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When you discover that your husband has been cheating on you, you will go through a great mixture of emotions. At such times, you will hardly feel any kind of empathy towards him. Interestingly, if you’ve caught him cheating, empathy can play a great role in helping you to save your bad relationship, as you get an entirely new perspective of your husband.

If you do not feel like working at your marriage, then it is really not worth it in the first place. Any valuable relationship is worth fighting for. Do not be fooled by how you see other relationships. That apparently great picture that you admire may actually hide a lot behind the scenes. There are some important ingredients that lack in many of the apparently perfect relationships that you compare yours to.

What many relationships lack is empathy? If you would like to get a deeper insight into your marriage then you should consider your husband’s point of view. You will understand him better when you know how he feels and what he is thinking of. This may actually be the missing link that you need to restore a healthy marriage. You will find it easier to forgive him for cheating on you, which is important if you want to rebuild your marriage.

Another very important role that empathy plays is the fact that it will help you to understand the chain of events that led down the painful path of cheating. Do not misunderstand this to mean that his cheating was justifiable in any way. However, you should understand that your husband does not really enjoy being labeled as a dog because of his cheating ways. There are high chances that he had some need that was not taken good care of in the relationship. This, however, does not mean that it was your mistake, since you may not even have been aware of what he needed in the first place.

Having empathy will help you to wear his shoe, as it were, and understand what he seems to miss from your relationship. Whether what contributes towards his cheating is something that you do or fail to do, you should know about it so that you can make necessary adjustments.

It will seem very nice if we could just look at the magic 8 ball and inquire about what we want to know for the answer to appear right before our eyes. Unfortunately, no magic will turn you into a mind reader.

What does have magical powers, though, is having empathy. Empathy will enable you to determine the things your husband loves about you, and why he does not choose to leave you in the first place.

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