If Your Husband No Longer Loves You - Important Things to Do

Published: 16th September 2009
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Every wife would like to enjoy a blissful marriage. Hence if your husband no longer loves you, you are bound to be greatly disappointed. You may begin to wonder what could have gone wrong. Where did you mess things up? You may ask yourself.

An unfortunately high number of wives have to face the sad issue of husbands who fall out of love. While some of the wives end up being greatly devastated, others recover from the condition fairly fast. There are a number of simple steps that create this difference.

You may still be deeply in love with your husband while he seems to be pulling away. You may notice some changes in his actions or he may have actually told you what he thinks about the relationship. This is something that will give you quite a heartache. However, you should not let yourself break down. There are some measures that will help you to bring back the sparkle if your husband no longer loves you.

Take stock of your marriage

You will need to take a hard and honest look at your marriage if your husband no longer loves you. This will help you to determine the possible problem areas.

One of the common causes for the drying out of love is lack of intimacy. Intimacy can be easily pushed back due to other necessary responsibilities. For example, you may be so involved in looking after your children that you neglect your husband.

Lack of intimacy can greatly influence how your husband will feel towards you. Men really enjoy getting physically close to their wives.

Renew your passions

Another thing you should consider if your husband no longer loves you is how interested you are in other pursuits. If you do not seem to have interest in anything, your husband is likely to lose interest in you as well. Spark his interest by enjoying other pursuits in life.

You certainly have something you are interested in. Start pursuing that passion so that you can become more interesting to your husband. It does not necessarily have to be something serious. A simple hobby can make you more interesting.

You will become more enjoyable if you enjoy your own life in the first place.

Remember that particular things you say or do will have a great bearing on how much your husband loves you. You can easily drive him further away from you if you act in some inappropriate manner. There are definite steps you should take if your husband no longer loves you.

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