Is He Into Me? Is Your Guy Interested In You? 12 Quick Check List to Know Now!

Published: 09th September 2010
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Is he into me? Does he love me? Is he interested in me? These are basic questions that every girl asks her friends or think about a guy she likes. Some of the following signs can let you know if your guy is into you or not

1) When you meet him for the first time, his eyes didn't leave you and he kept staring at you for long and then he made his first move to ask your name, number, etc.

2) He calls you and talks to you about anything for a long time

3) He has enquired about you from a friend and he keeps talking about you, with your friends

4) He invites you on a date and tries to impress you in every possible way that he can

5) He texts you and uses strange and weird sweet-words like "doll, baby, cutie, sweety, etc."

6) He tries to entertain you with his PJs and laughs for no other words, he tries to impress you

7) When you are with him he doesn't care about the world or the people who are around him. His eyes are fixed on you.

8) He steals smiles and when you are not looking at him, he looks into your eyes. But if the guy continuously stares at your breasts and feet, then he is after your body but if he stares at your eyes and lips, he loves you and he is, indeed, into you!

9) He wants to touch your hand, in fact, hold your hand but is scared to ask you and then behaves in a stupid way and you can, in every way, make out that this guy is trying to get innocently physical with you. Now, again you want to ask, "Is he into me?"

10) He applies hell lot of perfume and tries to look good in your next meeting.

11) When he finds you talking or giggling with other guys, he gets upset and you can make it out through his eyes and his body gestures. He might even perspire, even in winters.

12) He might be boring but still he hangs around with you and even if he knows that you are very boring and doesn't even talk at all or doesn't do anything but just sit like some dumb and stupid blonde, like all blondes are dumb, and then know that your guy is into you, even when you are a dumb blonde! Then you can ask yourself "Is he into me?'

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