Is It Possible To Use Positive Thinking To Get Back Your Ex?

Published: 30th April 2010
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A lot of research has been conducted in the recent past to prove the amazing powers of positive thinking. Positive thinking is recommended in many areas of our lives. So, the question is, can you use positive thinking to mend your broken relationship and get back your ex?

That is what we would like to explore in this article, since it is not just a matter of either yes or no.

Thinking positively has a lot of powers. So basically, the fact is that it is indeed possible to use positive thinking in mending a broken relationship. Getting your ex back is a delicately challenging process, but you can achieve it when you maintain positive thoughts. However, thinking positively by itself does not suffice to correct everything. It is an important part of a major process. In order for you to really realize the great results, you will need to go beyond thinking and act.

We have seen that positive thoughts are indeed very effective in getting your ex back. But how do you make use of them?


If you want to harness the power of thinking positively, you need to picture exactly what it is that you would like to achieve. There is hardly any benefit in having random positive thoughts.

Be realistic

Positive thoughts are good - so long as they are within the confines of reality. Thinking positively has no magical powers that will suddenly change your ex into the kind of person you would like. Do not expect your ex to come running back to you as a changed person, without the weaknesses that resulted in the break-up in the first place.

It is therefore important for you to be very realistic in your positive thoughts. You should not try to think of some imaginary person that perfectly fits your expectations.

How to take advantage of thinking positively

In whatever endeavor you are involved in, thinking positively usually propels you towards success. Studies have shown that those who think of success are more likely to attain that success. The secret is to focus on what you would really like to achieve, without giving any option of failure.

How can you take advantage of this amazing power and make it work for you? Clearly focus on the exact thing you want to achieve. In this instance, you picture you have got back with your ex.

Make a positive affirmation instead of asking yourself a question. Picture yourself actually getting what you want. Imagine of every necessary aspect, including sounds and even smells. Believe that you are actually going to get back your ex.

In this way, you will be able to harness the power of positive thinking to get back your ex. As we have seen, you will also need to take action in order to succeed. You can learn a lot more here at: The Magic of Making Up or to learn how you can act.

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