Make Him Commit - Make Your Boyfriend Change His Mind towards Commitment

Published: 22nd October 2009
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Many of us who have dated men will tell you that one of the most frustrating aspects of dating is trying to make a guy think of going a step further than just dating. An unfortunately high number of men are disappointingly reluctant when it comes to making commitment. The problem is not really that influencing our male friends is difficult, but that we tend to go about it the wrong way.

Many women confront their boyfriends with the issue of commitment, letting them know in no uncertain terms that they should either get serious or else ... Unfortunately; this method of issuing ultimatum tends to backfire more often than not. Rather than encourage your boyfriend to decide to make a commitment, he is more likely to pull out of the relationship instead.

Don't try to push him

When many of us are in relationships where we are really in love with our boyfriends, we tend to think that we should urge them into making more serious commitments. Hence many women will constantly talk about their expectations of the future, including such delicate matters as the kids they would like to have and when.

Unfortunately, this is more likely to make your boyfriend feel that you are pressing him to a corner. As a result, he will instinctively go to his defense, thereby putting a lot of resistance. You should not expect to win such a struggle. And even if you could, there's very little chance of receiving happiness from such a relationship.

You will be better off not dealing with the topic of marriage at all in your discussions with your boyfriend.

Pull back

However, if you have been guilty of this problem, you should not despair. You can still get the attention of your boyfriend by pulling back a bit from your relationship. Such a change of attitude will not go unnoticed, and he will wonder why.

In order to make him commit, start by avoiding any topic that hints at marriage as you talk with your boyfriend. Not only that. Stop any discussions that deal with the future as much as you can.

Make individual plans

Once you have stopped talking about commitment, you should avoid organizing your life around your relationship. Rather, make your relationship fit into your personal schedules. You can plan to go out with your girlfriends or even on a vacation somewhere far from him.

Such steps will make the man realize that you are an individual with personal interests that go on without him. He will therefore be aroused from his sense of security when he is faced with the possibility of losing you. In order to avoid this risk, he will decide to commit.

These are some of the simple measures you can put in place to help your boyfriend change his mind and make him commit.

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