No Contact With Ex - Reasons Why Your Ex Won't Return Your Calls

Published: 05th January 2012
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After a relationship has dissolved, it's not easy for exes to talk to one another even more so on the phone. People tend to make mistakes when they try to contact their ex on the phone but it can be achieved once you have the right way figured out. If you want your ex to call you back, you need a few simple sentences to kick start their interest. That way your phone will be ringing instead of theirs.

Why isn't your ex contacting you or returning your call? Perhaps what you are saying is scaring them away. There are 3 kinds of phone messages/calls that are likely to drive away your ex further, never mind not call you back. These 3 things are: pleading, fake emergencies and heartfelt speeches.

Phone Mistake 1 - Pleading

Whether you know it or not, a pleading voice will not assure you a call back from your ex. All it does is drive him or her away, glad to be away from any desperation that you may feel. One such example of a pleading call is, "I miss you. Would you please call me back so we can talk? I hate it when I can't hear your voice. Please just call me back as soon as you can."

Phone Mistake 2 - Fake Emergency

What is a fake emergency? It's when you call your ex telling him/her to call you back because it is an emergency. Chances are there is no emergency (though you may feel like it is) and they will see right through that. What does doing this make you? It shows that you are desperate and over dramatic. This kind of action goes in hand with the pleading too.

Phone Mistake 3 - Heartfelt Speeches

Don't rely on those romance movies where one partner makes a speech to his/her beloved on the phone and when they see each other, they run into each other's arms, forgiving them. Real life is never like the movies. For one thing, an answering machine or voicemail will cut you off midstream. Or you get the whole thing said and the wrong effect is felt. Leaving heartfelt messages on phones and answering machines gives off the impression of desperation and you will seem weak in their eyes.

Contacting your ex

These 3 tips are things you need to keep in mind when wanting to leave a message for your ex if you want your ex to call you back. So with this in mind, what do you need to say? Say something that will peak his/her curiosity and their self-interest. Try saying something like this, "Hey, how is it going? I thought I'd tell you thank you for what you did. If you call me back, I'd like to tell you this in person." There is no sign of weakness and you'll raise their curiosity level.

Before you even leave a message on the phone like this, make sure you have some sort of plan in place. If you want your ex to contact you, you better know what you are going to say that may peak their curiosity. Never talk to them without some sort of plan. Also, you aren't doomed to failure if you made those above phone call mistakes. You can always redeem yourself.


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