Rebound Relationships: Why They Work To Your Advantage

Published: 09th March 2009
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It can be difficult to muster up the courage to get over a heartbreak and win your ex back. It's even more difficult when you see your ex with someone else. You think that there is no way to win them back. After all, they are with someone else. How can you compete with their new flame? Do you even have a chance of winning them back?

Believe it or not, that new relationship they are in is called a rebound relationship and yes, you can hold on to some hope that you can win your ex back. Rebound relationships aren't as bad as people make them out to be. While you do have to see your ex with someone other than you, you should know that most rebound relationships do not work out. It's very rare that these relationships do. In fact, you should encourage your ex to have his or her rebound relationship while you do the same.

Why should you encourage a rebound relationship? Consider that only five percent of rebound relationships work out, you have a 95 percent chance of winning your ex back. People, even ones who did the breaking up, want someone to care for them. A rebound relationship is that answer to the loneliness a person has. Keep in mind that each person the melted down relationship is going to suffer, not just the one who was dumped. Your ex may have thought he or she was doing what was best for them but they may not feel that way in a week or so and a rebound relationship is their way to deal with it all.

When your ex is with someone else, they may start to miss all the things that made your relationship special. They may miss how you smiled or how you laughed, the little things that they took for granted. It may make your ex realize that things with you weren't near as bad as they originally thought.

Being with someone new can allow your ex to compare the two relationships and make them realize that they made a mistake. They'll be wondering if there is anyway to win you back.

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