Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Quiz

Published: 02nd July 2010
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Write down your honest answers while taking the 'should I break up with my boyfriend' quiz because it is one of the best ways to understand your current state of mind about the man you are with.
Many times woman does not have the confidence for various reasons. One major reason is infidelity. In order to understand the current situation, it is necessary for a woman to undergo self-evaluating tests or quizzes. So when you are in this situation, it is advisable for you to undergo self tests and quizzes and then wait for the precise results.
The following are the top five questions that you need to answer. Go through each question as these are some of the most common problems that most of the couples face in their relationship today.
1) Do you both argue a lot and do not agree with each other?
If you both argue and allow the ego to emerge, then it is a negative sign. In this matter, you have to think about the base of the problem and then try to resolve it.
2) Do you often think about breaking up with him?
Analyze how many times you think about breaking up with him and moving on with your life. Many women are not sure if they should break up with their boyfriends when they are not sure about their relationship.
3) Are you free without him?
If you think your life will be free and great without being with him in your life, then it might indicate that you need a breakup. It is important that you are happy in your relationship.
4) Did you lie to him or did you hide anything from him?
In other words, think of those times when you have slept with other men. Well, this proves that your man was unable to satisfy you or simply you needed to sleep with some other man.
5) Can you trust him?
Ask yourself how much he loves you or did he ever cheat on you? Or do you suspect that he is secretly seeing some other women? These are some important questions for you to consider when you take the 'should I break up with my boyfriend' quiz.

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