Three Tips to Help You Know How to Get the Guy

Published: 24th February 2010
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Every girl faces this question at some point of her life - how to get the guy she is dying for?

We all know that every guy in this world is unique. Each of them has different thoughts and likings and this applies to their idea of their girlfriends too. So every guy might not like the same kind of girl. Now it becomes the duty of the girl to find out what are the likings of her guy. It may seem tough but not impossible, as guys are not very complicated. If you are in a steady relationship with a guy, then the constant fear of losing him is also acceptable. You never know when he might start losing interest in you. Not to be ruled out, these things do happen in relationships.

These useful tips will surely help in knowing and how to get the guy:

Tip 1 - Make Him Curious

It may sound a little odd but guys are very fascinated with women who are unpredictable. They love to keep guessing what would be your next move. The more he tries to guess and understand you, the more he will come after you. Being unpredictable also helps in keeping your relationship afresh. If your guy knows everything about you, you would become uninteresting and boring for him. Do things that are a complete surprise for him. This way he will find you fun loving and will always look forward to spending time with you.

Tip 2 - Give Him His Space

This is a very important thing a woman should keep in mind when in a relationship. Don't rely on your guy for everything. Don't expect him to spend all his time with you. After all, he also needs to socialize. Don't argue if he spends time with his friends. Show him that you are not disturbed when he is not with you. Also, don't keep calling him, as this might upset him. Rather, let him miss you and feel the need to talk. Desperate women do anything to find out how to get the guy. They are very easy to find so be different. Try to stay calm so that he realizes that you are the perfect woman in his life.

Tip 3 - Be Yourself

Always take the opportunity to give your opinion in his matters. Don't think that your criticizing him might go against you. Rather, he will be happy that you are confident enough to speak your mind. Guys like intellectual women who can think and give their opinion in crucial matters. So stop accepting whatever rubbish he says, as even guys don't like women who plainly accept whatever he says.

How to get the guy will seem very easy if you follow these simple tips.

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