Tips to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back – Learn Reverse Psychology

Published: 22nd September 2010
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She broke your heart but you still can't move on. All you can think about is how she made you feel whenever you were together. How you could share your feelings with her and she would not laugh at you. How she loved you and only you but now there seems to be no hope of winning her back; she has started dating another man. What are you to do? Do not fret. Here are some tips to get your ex girlfriend back.

First off, if she is dating someone else, choose your words carefully if you are trying to win her back. However, your words have considerable weight and how you say them and how you mean it will make all the difference.

You really want to win her back, one of the first tips to win your ex girlfriend back is to never bad mouth her new beau. It only makes you look bad and jealous. By giving her his long list of bad deeds only ensures your own bad deed list in her eyes. She is more likely to not talk to you afterwards. Women have a tendency to already know that you may be jealous even before you do something to show it. The best thing for you to do is show her how mature you actually are. Sometimes by wishing her and her new beau good luck, it can work more in your favor in her eyes. It's called reverse psychology in relationships.

Many ex couples are choosing to stay friends especially if the break up was amicable. Some couples who were friends before the relationship can be friends afterwards. If she is able to call you after the break up then you still have a fighting chance. Should she bring up her new hunk, you should hold back on doing any trash talking. Let her figure things out on her own and let her come to you if she wants to. If you think it will not come out bad (or jealous sounding) give her some advice after you listen to talk.

By not badmouthing her or criticizing him, she will realize how mature you actually are. This means she will want to keep you as a friend and if it does not work out with her new beau. To her, you are someone who she can put her trust and share her feelings with.

Another one of those tips to get your ex girlfriend back is to not always be at her every need when she wants you. If you really want her back, you need her to miss you. By getting busy with other items or ignoring some of her calls, she'll begin to think she is not the most important person in your life.

These tips to get your ex girlfriend back may not always work and may not always be easy but it is important to do if you want her in your life and in your arms once again.

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