What Do Men Really Want From Women - Get Inside His Mind

Published: 30th October 2008
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The two sexes seem to be so different but really are quite alike, men always wonder what exactly is going through a woman's mind. Men seldom seem to understand a woman's thought process. The same is true for her; she always wonders, what do men really want from women. To understand your man you should recognize that both men and women are actually looking for the same things, though they state it quite differently.

Men Wants Confident Women

As the statements from men and women on their likes and dislikes about each other differ, often relationships hit a rough patch. Most men want a girl who is comfortable with herself, is entertaining and a person who likes to take the new way. The women assume that men look for a certain kind of females and women try to be that kind of woman, some actually faking it. Men lose interest quite fast when they can see that the woman is not real.

Men Attract Positive Women

Rather than worry too much about what do men exactly want from women, she should concentrate on being herself and not trying to be someone she is not. One of the first things a man notices is the level of confidence in a woman. Woman should be genuine, men respect and love that, his interests wanes as soon as he finds that the female is not what she is trying to be, or is not happy with herself. Men are attracted to woman who are in complete control of themselves and are happy to be what she really is. In actual fact, men don't care about the flaws so much, men find woman who don't care about flaws attractive. It attracts a man because he loves a challenge so he thinks it intriguing that a woman can be herself without any excuses for her frailties.

Men Love Humorous Women

When considering what do men exactly want from women it is important to know that men place a lot of importance on having a good time with their partners, men should enjoy the time they spend with the woman, this does not mean that they should have the same interests; it just means that the women should be able to laugh and be humorous and should be game for some real fun. In short she should not be a spoilsport, she need not be a hitchhiker or stuntwomen, but she should be able to follow him and suggest him some adventures. She should be forward looking and outgoing with a pleasant personality. Men really value that.

Men Attract Kind Women

The other criterion for men is that women should be caring and should have a lot of kindness. Men don't like being berated; it sets their testosterone going so they would see it as a challenge and fight it out. A small challenge is ok, but kicking a man when down is not done. Men love women who are happy and at peace with themselves and are assured about things in their life.

Do You Have These Kinds of Qualities?

The real answer to what do men really want from women is a bit of adventure, a lot of honesty and confidence with a kind caring heart and a sense of humor. Always keep in mind not to overdo things. Being overconfident or brutal makes the man run away, so does faking.

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