What Makes a Man Fall in Love? Insight for Women

Published: 29th December 2008
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Most women cannot determine what it takes to make a man fall in love. Even though women may think they know their men very well, it is not easy to understand what women need to do to make them fall in love with her. Men can be confusing and tend to ignore most women; hence women need to find out how to attract men and retain them to only love her.

Women can ignite a man's feeling for her with a few simple things that can keep the man interested in her with long term plans for both.

(1) Seek His Opinion

An important part of attracting men is to follow simple rules of attraction. To make man fall in love with woman, she has to make him believe that he needs you, once he has an active interest in seeking your opinions, he is sure to fall in love with you. Our society has made women independent and not weak; they do anything men can in this century.

But women have forgotten that men still prefer to be knights in shining armor. Men are very interested in helping women and love when women seek their advice or help. It can be a simple task as moving furniture or a few questions about her car, seeking his advice matters a lot. When women turn to men for simple advice, men are drawn to women quickly.

(2) Happiness Counts Not Just Looks

Happiness is a state of mind that instantly attracts men, men are drawn to happy women and who are themselves. Men do not find it attractive when women are unhappy about their jobs, their outlook in life and make them very unattractive emotionally to men. Men are attracted to women who have an overall satisfied outlook in life. By being you, you can attract men and can lead to a potentially long term relationship. This coupled with true love can keep a man drawn into her charming personality and not her looks alone.

(3) Present Your Best

In order to appeal to men, a woman may not be a size zero. A man is attracted to her physically once she can present herself in her best. If she has succeeded in that, he will be at her back and like to know more about you.

When a woman is trying to make a man fall in love with her, first impressions are not what counts in the long run. It is important to look the best you can to keep him drawn to you. By highlighting or accenting her best facial feature using cosmetics she can present herself as appealing and this attracts men and love to see a woman do it for them.

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