What Makes a Man Fall in Love With a Woman?

Published: 03rd December 2008
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The saying 'men are from Mars and women are from Venus' does seem to be absolutely right. It is a fact that men do think very differently from women. It becomes more difficult for you when you don't know how his thought process works when either you are in a relationship or you are looking for a relationship.

Often as a woman you have to be very flexible and have to make many changes in your life to accommodate yourself into his life. When it comes to understanding what makes a man fall in love with a woman you have to be aware of what qualities in a woman does capture a man's mind.

(1) Originality

The first and foremost factor when considering what makes a man fall in love with a woman is originality. Men are rational enough to understand they don't need a perfect woman, but a woman who is perfect for them. That is why it becomes very important that you are genuine. If you put on a show just to impress him then he is bound to see the real you sometime sooner or later and you would have no chance of making up with him then. Men want women who are happy with themselves and don't have to show off to impress men.

Often we see women who are dating make the biggest mistake one can trying to find the answer to the question what makes a man fall in love with a woman. They try to go above and beyond what they are. The most common examples of this would be the women who dress up much differently than their usual dressing style when they are with their date just to impress him or trying to show the man that they are the homely kind by cooking meals for the men etc. But these tactics have a double disadvantage, first is that you will not be enjoying doing it and this may affect the relationship and the second is that you will have to carry on doing it for the rest of your life in that relationship. And of course sooner or later he would find out that it's not the real you. It is important that your present the true you to him. Even your flaws have to be visible because that is a part of your individuality.

(2) Confidence

When you consider what makes a man fall in love with a woman even confidence becomes a big factor. The normal reaction of any woman when the man they are with looks at looks at another woman is to be envious. Not being threatened by the presence of another woman is a quality that men really admire in a woman. This can also make you stand out from other women. Rather than being irritated when he looks at another woman or talks about his ex girlfriend you can compliment about them and give him a feeling that you are not threatened by them. If you start thinking of you as a prize for him he is bound to feel that too.

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