What to Do and Not Do When Your Boyfriend Does Not Call You Back

Published: 02nd July 2008
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As a woman, it's a challenge being in a relationship and having a boyfriend who is not calling you back. It can get frustrating, confusing and heartbreaking all at one time. This is especially true of couples that have been in a relationship for many months. They start to think their significant other is taking them for granted. It would seem that when a relationship gets to a comfortable standpoint, men tend to think there is no reason for them to call near as often.

Women love to know that their men care and one indication that signify this is their daily phone call. Another indication is their frequency in visiting. Women love to be able to touch, hold, caress or otherwise love on their significant others. If women become accustomed to this type of treatment, they expect it on a regular basis.

However, what can women do if they seem to find themselves in this circumstance?

If it seems you are seeing this kind of reaction from your boyfriend, you should remember one vital piece of information. Do not panic! If your boyfriend is not calling, there are always reasons behind it but none that an overactive woman's imagination is thinking. Unless both of you agree to an open relationship, chances are he is not cheating on you or trying to find the next woman to be in a relationship with. Remember there was a life before you.

Sometimes when your boyfriend has not called, he is waiting to see how long you will go before you start to be alarmed and call him endlessly. Some women have burned the phone lines by over dialing his number and then hang up if he hasn't answered after many tries. Women eventually feel rejected by the person they felt would be there.

Women must understand that all that calling and leaving messages can drive any man away. While you think it is harmless to wonder why you boyfriend is not calling, he may see you as a threat. Don't be a woman who is paranoid and desperate that she cannot give him any space at all.

However, if you have laid your heart out on your sleeve, some men believe they can do anything they want and you will still be there for them. They believe they can ignore you and you will welcome them back with open arms. Women should never let a man treat them like a doormat.

Women, instead, should enjoy life as they once did. Go out to the movies with your friends. You may be surprised to learn that your boyfriend is calling you, saying he's been busy especially if you haven't called him in recent days. Quickly tell him the same and that you'll call him back when you can.

So when your boyfriend is not calling you, don't fret. There is always some reason and isn't always bad like women tend to think.

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