Why Men Withdraw? How Constant Criticism Can Affect a Loving Relationship

Published: 28th March 2011
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Want to see your boyfriend do a disappearing act? Why do men withdraw? If you repeatedly tell him whatís wrong with him and how he should change, then chances are youíll see his backside quicker than his front. Itíll start like this: He will nod and politely respond to shut you up. Eventually, he will tune you out altogether. Heíll stop coming around as often because he doesnít want to hear you nagging him about his shortcomings. Before you know it, he wonít come around at all.

Your ego will tell you that heís an idiot and canít recognize his faults. Your head will tell you that if he doesnít accept criticism that heís immature and doesnít want to be a better person. Your heart tells you that you miss him. What are you supposed to listen to? How do you move on?

Relationships take two people to participate and, in turn, two people to make it a work. If your relationship failed, donít place all the blame on him. Take a good look in the mirror and try to see your true self. The little things you said and did could have had a big influence on the outcome of your relationship. Little reminders to you can translate into nagging for him. Little fits of frustration from you can translate into making mountains out of molehills to him.

Expressing your heightened emotions can easily translate into drama for him. Understand why men withdraw. All these things can lead to his withdrawal and eventually an emotional shut down. Once youíve lost him emotionally, itís just a matter of time before you lose him physically.

He didnít withdraw to punish or hurt you. Withdrawal is his method of avoidance. Yes, he is avoiding you and your constant criticism of him and his manhood. You wonít make him a better person by telling him constantly whatís wrong with him. You will be a pain in his backside and he will eventually remove that pain from his life. No one chooses to live with constant pain. If that pain is you, he wonít choose you.

To understand why men draw from a relationship is obvious. Acceptance is the key word here. Accept him for who he is. If his faults were unbearable, you wonít be heartbroken that heís gone.

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