Why No Contact Rule When Trying to Get Your Ex Back?

Published: 09th January 2009
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It can be tough to put your life back together after the love of your life decides he or she no longer wants to be with you. Chances are that the person who has been dumped still wants their partner back. It's quite common to feel this way. To get your ex back I'm sure you will try every means to talk with your ex but how much talking should there actually be? The answer is going to surprise you.

No Contact Rule

Right after the breakup, there should be no communication between the both of you at all. If you work together, act civil but do not get personal. Nine times out of ten, you'll do more damage trying to speak to each other within that one-month time frame. You may have every good intention about why you are calling, reason are calling to see how his or her day went, what they have been up to. Chances are they may say something that upsets you and you may not be able to hold this feeling in. For a period of one month, just don't even bother acting like you know the person.

There will be serious implications that you will have if you break this rule. The no contact rule is usually broken in one, if not both, of two ways. These include drunken dialing and text message terrorism.

Mistake (1) - Drunken Dialing

What is drunk dialing? Have you ever seen the movie "Waiting to Exhale"? Do you know the part where the four women are celebrating a friend's birthday with alcohol and one of the ladies going through a divorce decides to call her soon-to-be ex husband up to give him a piece of her mind and ask him why he doesn't love her anymore? This is called drunken dialing. Drinking alcohol lowers your ability to think properly and converse normally. Usually in the mornings, you tend to regret what you did and said the night before.

Mistakes (2) - Text Message Terrorism

Text message terrorism occurs when the person has been dumped has to talk to their ex, for whatever reason. They burn the phone lines up with all the text messages, phone calls, emails, etc. just trying to reach their ex for nothing important. Again, while the intentions are good, all you are doing is reaffirming their belief that dumping you was the best thing for them. If you want to get your ex back, stick to the one month no contact rule.

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