Winning Your Man Back After He Says, “Let’s Be Friends”

Published: 13th May 2009
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When a woman speaks openly with her friend about a relationship that's failing and how her ex-boyfriend just told her that he "wants to be friends", the friend's automatic response is, "I'm sorry". The friend assumes, as most people do, that what the ex-boyfriend actually means is that he no longer wants to date her.

It's a normal reaction to have. When a man or woman says this phrase, the normal assumption about the relationship is usually true. However, there are some men who may be just confused about what he really wants out of the relationship.

Men are often unaware of their true feelings. Some men are afraid of settling down and would rather be free to do what they please with whomever they please, anytime they want. They may not want to be tied down to a social status "being in a relationship". These are the men who really mean it when they say they just want to be friends. Perhaps he thinks there may be someone better out there for him or maybe he just fears getting tied down to a single woman. Over time these men may come to realize that they were happier when you were a major part in their lives.

So what do you do if you want your ex back after this phrase has been said? Your best bet is to back away and let him have the space he needs. When you are together be pleasant but try not to make him feel pressured. If you push the issue, he may just run away. However, bide your time and wait patiently. You may find that he discovers his life is better with you in it.

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