Your Ex Is Dating Someone Else - How to Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back Fast

Published: 31st March 2011
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You may have broken up with your ex and she is already dating another guy. Yet you may still be interested in getting back your ex girlfriend. Is this really possible? The simple answer is, yes - and it is not as complicated as it appears. So long as you know the necessary steps you should take, you will find the process relatively simple. This, however, does not mean that winning back your ex in such a situation won't be tricky. Here are the things that will help you.

Avoid panic

The fact is that there must have been something not going on well between you to warrant a break-up. Perhaps your ex has found a solution in the new relationship. This means that by trying to get her back, you risk encountering both her wrath and that of her new boyfriend. It is very easy to panic. However, you need to stay calm in order to act appropriately.

Take heart, for this is most likely just another rebound relationship. Yet a very high percentage of rebound relationships are usually very short-lived. This in itself increases your chances of success significantly.

You should therefore avoid panic so that you can act rationally. When you are in a state of panic, you will be likely to take actions that will jeopardize your chances of success.

What you should avoid

There are some actions that you will only regret later, which you need to avoid. You should not start pleading with your ex to take you back. You not try to make compromises that are bound to be harmful.

Do not start accusing your ex girl for the break-up. Avoid any words that you may find difficult to swallow later on. Remember that it is not possible to take back what you have said.

You should not try calling your ex. In fact, you should avoid trying to make any kind of contact for a while. Just give her the break she wanted.

Date another girl

When your girlfriend has ended your relationship and started dating another guy, you should not put your life to a stand-still either.

Don't think that your ex won't feel pangs of jealousy when she realizes that you are dating again.

When you appear to be getting out of the reach of your ex, she will actually begin to reconsider her position. In addition, dating once more will give your life new meaning, and you won't spend time mourning your broken relationship.

Let her know you are available

Although you are dating another girl, you should not give your ex the impression that it is all over between you and there is no hope of getting back your ex. Leave the door open.

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